how Does a Money Line Bet work in Sports Betting?

What is a Money Line Bet in Sportsbetting?
If you're new to Sports Betting the appearance of a Money Line can be somewhat confusing, but once it is explained and you see how it all works it is actually very simple to understand. When you bet a Money Line bet , you're just betting on which team you think will win the game, that's it! It does not matter by how much they win or lose, you're just trying to pick the correct winner or loser.

What do the lines mean in a Money Line?
The best way to explain a Money Line is to show an example, below is the somewhat confusing line that you will often see at the bookmaker:
NY Giants -200
San Diego Chargers +170
The best way to view this is to figure the line is based off of a $100 bet, but remember you can bet any amount you wish and the payouts will be adjusted accordingly. In this game the the NY Giants are the favorite, and for every $200 you bet, you will only win $100. The San Diego Chargers are the underdogs, and for every $100 you bet you will win $170.

What Sports Use the Money Line Bet ?
Although the money line bet is available for almost any sport's bet, they are very popular in sports that can't use a spread, such as Boxing, Racing, Tennis, and even baseball and hockey since the spread is almost impossible to use, due to such smaller margins of score differentials. When you have a big mismatch you can see some huge odds differences, you could see something like:
Favorite -750
Underdog + 550
What this is saying is that if you are going to choose the favorite to win the game a $750 bet will win you $100, if you bet on the underdog a $100 bet will win you $550.

Where Online Can I Place a Money Line Bet?
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