how Does a straight bet work in Sports Betting?

What is a Straight Bet in Sportsbetting?
Straight bets or Side Bets are probably the most common type of sports bet. These are types of betting wagers on a single game that carries a point-spread, game total(over/under), or money line. To win a straight bet you must correctly choose the team that will cover the spread, or correclty choose if the score of the game will be over or under a certain amount.

How do The Odds Work For a Straight Bet Point Spread?
In reference to a "Point Spread", the bookmakers will create the lines or spread of the game, this is how to even out the odds of the two teams playing. For example: In football the Giants may be a 7 point favorite over the Colts, but you can't just pick the Giants at even money. You can choose either team's line, the Giants will be at -7, meaning if you bet on the Giants you are betting that they will win the game by more than 7 points. The Colts will be +7, meaning if you bet on them, they can either win the game or lose by less than 7 points for you to win the bet. If the Giants win by exactly 7 points it is a tie/push and you get your money back. Sometimes the lines will be in ½ points, something like 5½, in those instances it is impossible for a tie.

For most Straight Bets you will see (-110), this means that for every $110 wagered you will win $100 for a correct bet. This is also referred to as the juice, visit our What is the Juice in Sports Betting for a complete guide to the term. This is basically a 10% fee that the house collects in order to operate. Just because you see (-110) does not mean you have to bet $110, if you bet less, the juice will be adjusted down by percentage. So to win $50, you would have to bet $55.

Sometimes instead of a point spread you might see PK or Pick, this means the teams are evenly matched, so you can bet on whichever team you think will win the game, there will be no spread involved.

How do The Odds Work For a "Total" Straight Bet?
The same idea as the spread applies to the Totals bet, also known as the over/under. You are wagering if you think the total score of the game will be higher or lower than the supplied number from the sportsbook. You may see something like:
OV 170 (-110)
UN 170 (-110)
Once again you are betting $110 to win $100. If you think the total score will be over 170 you bet the over, if you think the total score will be under 170 you bet the under.

How do The Odds Work For a "Money Line" Bet?
A Money Line Bet does not have a spread, you are just betting on who you think will win the game. But, if you bet on the favorite you will win less than you bet, if you bet on the underdog you will win more than you bet. An example of a Money Line Bet would look something like this:
Buffalo Bills -200
Pittsburgh Steelers +150
As you see the Bills are the favorite in this game, this is signified by the minus sign, the Steelers are the underdogs signified by the + sign. If you are betting the Bills will win the game you must bet $200 to win $100, if you are betting the Steelers will win the game you can bet $100 to win $150. Remember you are not required to bet $100 or more, you can bet any amount you want, lower or higher, and the payouts will be adjusted by percentage.


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