What does Juice mean when betting on sports?

What Does "Juice" Mean?
The word JUICE is basically the commission of the bet that the sportsbook or bookie takes for profit. Juice is also known as "Vig", short for Vigorish(which is now a lesser used term).

How Do I Know How Much The Juice Is?
When you're viewing lines you will see something similar to this Over/Under example:
OV 190 ½ (-110)
UN 190 ½ (-110)
The (-110) means that for every $110 you bet you will win $100, the extra $10 will go to the bookmaker as a commission.
If you're betting a "Money Line Bet", you will not be able to directly view the juice as it is already figured into the odds. An example of a money line would look like this:
Cleveland Browns -210
Baltimore Ravens +180
Here you are betting $210 to win $100 for the Browns(favorite) or you can bet $100 to win $180 for the Ravens(underdog). The juice is already calculated into the odds.

How Do I Beat the Juice with a Straight Bet?
Sportsbooks make money in one way on a Straight Bet, "the Juice". They don't care which team wins or loses or what the over/under is. This is why you will constantly see the lines moving up and down. Once a particular side of the bet is getting crowded they will raise or lower the spread or total in order to even out the bets. The ideal game would have exactly 50% of the bettors on one side and 50% on the other. What this means is the bookmaker will not lose or make any money on the outcome of the game itself, but would profit the 10% juice. You can really use this in your favor if you hold off on betting until the last minute, or even bet as soon as the odds are released, there is a lot of timing in sports betting. Lets say the over/under for a basketball game was 200, and everyone is betting the under. The bookmaker will slowly start dropping the total because they need the same amount of money wagered on the over as they need the under. So if you want to bet the over just keep waiting until it drops to your desired amount.

Which online bookmaker offers the lowest Juice?
The standard Juice is 10% industry wide, but some online sportsbooks have certain days or hours where the juice will be reduced. One of those sportsbooks is Oddsmaker.com. They have many promotions where the juice is half off. We also like Oddsmaker because they offer a huge deposit bonus and some of the top odds in the industry. They will give you 135% in bonuses with the first deposit being a 100% match up to $1,000. To get this bonus all you need to do is follow a link on this page to Oddsmaker.com, enter Promotion Number AFF20P2020 when you register your account, the Oddsmaker Promotion Code Bonus will be deposited in your account once you make your first deposit.

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